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What is the purpose in believing in God but not acting on his commands or promises?


Christian duties.

In my most difficult moments, I will rest on you Lord. For you are faithful and loving to your children.

I know what it feels like to just feel so tired, exhausted of fighting, exhausted of waiting, feeling like God doesn’t hear you, like He doesn’t care for your hurts. I know it’s painful to press through. However, I also know there’s a tiny spark of strength inside of you. If you put all your effort and focus on that little spark, you will get through this.
It’s okay to just cry it out, its okay to just go on your knees and lay it all at His feet. Pour out your heart to Him, tell Him your inner most thoughts, your inner most struggles and pains. Don’t be ashamed because He already knows them and is willing to heal and help you. Whatever you do, don’t stop pushing forward.
If you feel all you can do is cry then do so. But don’t walk away from Him, don’t be wicked and stiff necked, don’t stop praising and giving thanks to Him. Worship Him, thank Him, praise Him, for all He has done and given you thus far and for all He is about to do.

Endure the struggle because all it does is cause your dependence on God to grow. I pray that you will find the strength and comfort you need while your seasons of work approach.

In the precious name of Jesus Christ.


“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬


The works of the Lord 

Just listen

What is the point in believing in God but not acting on the promises He has given you?

One told me, “it’s soothing to know theres a God who loves me”. As she went to take another shot of her tequila, while losing the balance of her stand.

I said, “is it comforting to you to know that He will also punish you for your sins? Yes, indeed God is a God of love but He is also a God of wrath.”

Can I just take the moment to tell you do not be fooled. Indeed, God does love you.. but He does not rejoice in the wicked or those stiff necked.

God’s love comes when we realize and accept that He is merciful and gracious enough to receive us despite our sins, when we are willing to let Him minister in our life after repenting and having a change of heart. Letting the Lord into your life, surrendering yourself to Him and following His commandments.. is only the beginning of the best decision of your life.



You know what really gets to me? People who believe in God but all they really do is acknowledge His existence and thats it.


As if God is not supposed to be a part of your daily life, as if he is not meant to lead you in all your steps, as if he is not supposed to make you new, as if your not meant to experience his supernatural joy and peace, as if he is not supposed to be your shield and defender during the struggles, as if he’s not supposed to be the rock on which you stand, your refuge and so much more.

person shaking person



God is calling out to you.

Dear reader, theres a reason you came across this post. There’s a reason you made it this far, obey the calling God has on your life.


someone who once felt so alone and lost but has been made new and whole in the Lord.

You say you trust and have faith in God, right…?

Our God is a God of the impossible. To anyone who stray from the Lord’s calling in their life because they’re troubles seem to overwhelming or consuming, you have lost sight of how big our God is. Dare I say that your faith is not even the size of a mustard seed that you shall turn to other solutions other than the hand of God? The Lord did not fall off His throne when problems came your way.You say you have faith but do you have expectation for a move of God? What is faith if you don’t actually expect anything to happen. Think about it. Be thankful, always. The Lord gives and He takes away. May His praise be ever on your lips! 


God, He pokes.  

Do you ever experience like those little “coincidental” moments. Or do you ever hear that little voice deep down inside of you telling you not to do something that you know is wrong? 

The Lord, He pokes in such a subtle manner – He is always trying to get our attention. 

But when we become stubborn and rebellious and refuse to listen to Him, it is then that He will sometimes allow tragedies to come into your life because maybe, just maybe that will make you realize that He has been trying to get your attention all along.

Your sickness is not to kill you or destroy you but to strengthen your desire for God. 

Don’t take everyday blessings for granted.

Ladies and gentleman, I can’t even deal with the goodness of the Lord.

It melts my heart.



whether you’re a recent God chaser or been in it for 50 years+ I hope you pray that your burning love for Christ will never die down.

Sometimes, I will admit, I have to put more effort into really embracing all the goodness of the Lord. Things like having a roof over our head, food in the fridge, security in a job, mobile limbs, health, etc… it all becomes so normal in our daily lives that we sometimes forget those are things God could take away instantly if He wanted too. Another thing He could take away is the breath of life – so litterly the fact that you’re alive and breathing is a gift from God. Like, you’re breathing because He WANTS you to be alive, there is a purpose for your life, He isn’t done with you!!! *sigh* lol.


Another thing that amazes me is how I can take comfort in the fact that God’s plans are better and bigger than anything I could imagine for myself. Sometimes it gets difficult to really see and accept that, but let your faith work and trust God.


Wants that new 2016 Mercedes Benz? Eh, well if you don’t get it, don’t worry -because God will give you something better and more fulfilling. Will it be a higher, more expensive model? Maybe or maybe not but its the fact that whatever it is -will cause more joy and fulfillment in your life.

The thing is, we don’t get the big picture. We only get glimpses. However, if you want an idea of what the big picture may be, than I hope you trust God enough to believe that the big picture holds abundant life.

I apologize for anyone who constantly checks my page and hasn’t found any new posts lately. When I write, I like it to be from deep within, something I truly feel in my heart to be true and well lately nothing too new has came up.

God bless every single person who reads this post and I pray that you will

come to know all the goodness of the Lord God Almighty

Chasing God 

Do you ever feel like you’re chasing God and don’t really progress in anything? It’s like those seasons of silence. I’ve been feeling like that the past couple of days and when I read this in one of my books I felt like it hit home.


Christian reactions when challenged on beliefs. 

A while back I was having a discussion with a friend. She had opened up to me about some things she had done and didn’t feel good about because in her spirit she felt that it was far from anything God calls us to do/be. I  began listening to her and then sharing some advice from what I’ve learned in my spiritual experiences and from other spiritual leaders in my life. 
It was one of those situations where your advice would leave the other person, like, “oh snap – did she really just go there?”

Like I said in one of my older posts, any relationship I have whether family, friends or romantic I like a foundation of honesty. So often, with my friends that’s what I do – I get honest even when it can hurt because I know that by being honest we can work on a solution together, where appropriate. I also think that when you’re honest with someone it shows you actually care for their wellbeing. 

Here’s my point in this post, which kind of has nothing to do with the above. 


Since I started my walk with God I’ve encountered a few people with different standards/ideas that they think being a Christian requires.

Depending on where you are congregated, the church will have certain regulations that they believe their congregation should follow. In order to try to get my message across I will give this example: imagine that someone from another church tells you, “you really shouldn’t curl your hair – by doing so your changing the way God made you.” 
Now also keep in mind, let’s say you’re already congregated in a church that doesn’t believe in females wearing makeup, cutting hair, no jewelry, no wearing pants (male clothing), etc. But the one thing you still see most submitted females do is adjust their hair. So when someone tells you this it leaves a sour taste, you may even get bitter and defensive over their comment. 

So what do you do?

Well like I was saying before, sometimes were challenged in our beliefs. I’ve been challenged a few times and I’ve come across others with more “strict” beliefs. So here’s what I’ve learned to do, and I thank God for this ability – I listen to their comment, react and then study my reaction. 
I study my reaction in the way that, if I have become bitter, I’ll ask myself why? Why do I feel so bitter and why did I get so defensive? And I basically sum it down to two categories – did I become bitter/defensive because it impacted my flesh desires? (Ex. Ugh but I love curling my hair, it makes me feel pretty and now I won’t even be able to curl my hair – as if not wearing makeup is hard enough) or did I react like that because I know in my spirit that God states biblically otherwise?  

What I’m trying to say is that when someone tells you something, study whether your reaction has come from the Holy Spirit (keep in mind the fruits of the Spirit) or your own ideas, desires, etc. 

When you feel unsure about whether it really is something biblically true, then ask God to reveal it to you and/or give you confirmation about what you just received. 

Sometimes were called to change where it can get uncomfortable for our flesh, the importance is that it’s done by what God calls us to do/be. 

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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