“Don’t say God has been silent when your bible has been closed.”

Sometimes I think we forget the impact reading the bible can have, or unfortunately sometimes all we do is just skim through the words in there, reading aloud, with no intention of actually letting it speak for itself, so we can say “yeah I’ve read the bible”.
Anyone can read the bible, anyone. However, not all come to understand or be affected by it. We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us understand and apply the bread of life to our lives.


Before you open the gift of truth God has given us, pray, for understanding and wisdom.
Below I’ve added a prayer that you could say before reading, I honestly just came up with it sparatically and thought I’d share if someone has difficulty coming up with how to pray themselves.
Remember, prayer doesn’t need to have big old fancy words – it’s what your saying and with what sincerity you mean it that matters. God knows your heart.

Ps. In prayer begin with exalting and praising God for who He is, then asking for forgiveness for your daily sins and short comings so you can come clean to him and he will hear you (because he is holy and righteous, does not mix himself with sin) then begin with your personal request and pherhaps a good idea would be to also close with exalting him. You will find him when you earnestly begin to praise and worship him 🙂



Lord I want to thank you for being the one and only true sovereign God. For being a God of patience, love, filled with abundant grace for  your children even when we do you wrong or come through short. Lord I pray in this moment that you will wash away all my sins as I come before you. Lord, hear my cries from heaven and enable me to be guided and filled with the wisdom and knowledge of your Spirit as I come before your Word and begin to open it, seeking for your voice. Touch my heart, mind, soul through your word oh God. Give me the strength, hope, security that I need as I begin to read your precious promises and commands. Thank you Lord, for giving me countless opportunities to genuinely come clean and receive your love. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.